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NEW Features: Text To Speech; Student Registration; Refreshed Course Manager; 2021 Content Available

Text To Speech

The Text To Speech controls are available now
SIMnet now offers a built-in text reader that will read your assignment text without the need to download or install any additional software. The text reader is available in SIMbooks, Lessons, Projects, Exams and the Exam and Lesson portions of SIMpaths.
For SIMbook and Lesson assignments, the text reader will read all SIMbook text or individually selected text as desired. For Project assignments, the text reader will read all instructions. For Exam assignments, the text reader will read all question text.
SIMbooks and Lessons also have the added Translation feature. Selected text can be translated into 22 different languages using Google Translate.
To learn more about the Text To Speech feature view our
Text To Speech help topic.

Student Registration

Register Now
The New User registration has now been streamlined into a single button. Rather than creating an account or purchasing online access or registering for Courtesy Access as separate steps, students can complete these steps in one combined, streamlined effort.
Create Account step
After creating a SIMnet Account students will be lead through Course Enrollment and Licensing to gain full access to their SIMnet materials.
To learn more about Student Self Registration view our
Self Registration help topic.

Refreshed Course Manager

The Course Manager refresh is now available for all users. It provides a familiar, modern user experience that includes a number of features and improvements:
  • The navigation has been streamlined and condensed, allowing you to see more of your SIMnet content at a glance.
  • You can search for students and instructors without leaving the screen you are viewing.
  • Starring courses allows you to view and edit your favorite courses without needing to view all courses and refine your search.
  • SIMstudent can now be activated by course, so you can navigate to the SIMstudent view that corresponds with your class directly
To learn more about Course Manager Navigation, visit our help topic

2021 Content

Administrators can now make new 2021 SIMnet content available to their school. Making 2021 content available will allow your instructors to view and assign the 2021 content that has been published and will continue to be published throughout the fall.
To make 2021 content available, administrators will need to navigate to the Admin Settings section and select Products. In the Available Products section on the left, select SIMnet for Office 2021 and click Add.
To make 2021 textbooks avaiable, administrators will need to navigate to the Admin Settings section and select Textbooks. In the Available Textbooks section on the left, select the desired Office 2021 textbooks and click Add.
Office 2021 Textbooks