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Building Simulation. Please wait… Problem Solved

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Simulation Building. Please wait...
Please be advised that the recent issue with some SIMnet assignments not loadinghas beenresolved as of 1:00 am CDT June 17****. This issue affected a relatively small subset of SIMnet users with older computers or computers with limited system resources available to build the SIMnet simulation.
The root cause of the problem was an update to the Adobe Flash Player that limited the time available for the SIMnet simulation to build. Specifically, computers with Adobe Flash Player version and aboverunning on systems with older processors or other limited system resourceswould time out before the SIMnet simulation had finished building (in other words, causing the simulation to appear to freeze). We have modified the SIMnet simulation builder to accommodate the changes in the Adobe Flash Player, and the problematic assignments should now load on all computer systems that meet the SIMnet system requirements.
We would like to apologize for this issue and for the unusual delay in providing a solution. This problem was particularly difficult for the development team to reproduce as it was limited in scope to certain hardware configurations in combination with the updated Flash Player. Many thanks to the instructors and students who helped us troubleshoot!