NEW 365/2019 MOS Textbooks

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UPDATE: 3/29/21 The 365/2019 MOS Access Expert book has been released and is now available alongside the other MOS books.
SIMnet is introducing new SIMbooks organized specifically for students to prepare for the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exams. Microsoft Office Specialist exams are a well-recognized certification. Microsoft offers Associate level exams in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint (but not Access). Microsoft offers Expert level exams in Access, Excel and Word (but not PowerPoint).
SIMnet now offers the 365/2019 MOS Office SIMbook complementary with all 365/2019 Office Level licenses. The 365/2019 MOS Office SIMbook includes content for the three Microsoft Office Specialist Associate level exams (Excel, Word, and PowerPoint) and for the Access Expert level exam.
SIMnet also offers individual SIMbooks for each Office Application that come with each edition of the Complete book series:
  • 365/2019 Access comes with the MOS Access Expert SIMbook
  • 365/2019 Excel comes with the MOS Excel Associate SIMbook
  • 365/2019 PowerPoint comes with the MOS PowerPoint Associate SIMbook
  • 365/2019 Word comes with the MOS Word Associate SIMbook
SIMnet 365/2019 – MOS Office Book Chapter List