Updating Past Due Grades in the Gradebook

#instructors #new-features

For this school year, SIMnet added a new feature to the gradebook, allowing instructors to see when and if their students had attempted an assignment. If a student has not attempted an activity, the gradebook will display a dash instead of a number grade.

This gives instructors another quick and simple way to assess their students. Is a student doing poorly because they are struggling with the material, or are they simply not doing their work? Now you can tell at a glance.

On Friday, the 17th, the gradebook will be updated to automatically display a zero once the assignment due date has expired. Any assignment that has not been attempted when the due date passes will now automatically become a 0.

One important note on this new functionality: once an assignment has past its due date and been changed to a zero, changing the due date to a future time will not change the zero back to a dash. The grade will automatically be updated when the student attempts the assignment or if you choose to manually change the grade.

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