Mac Projects Are Coming!

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Macs may not runCERNbut they sure arepopular in the classroom. But Microsoft and Apple don’t always play nice together. Microsoft Office isn’t released as often for Mac and doesn’t have the same layout and functionality.

How do you deal with a class full of Mac users? In the past it’s been all about ensuring that your Mac users get as close to the Office 2013 version as possible. Now you can simply assign one of the Mac Certified projects, have your students use the Instructions for Mac link, and they’re good to go. Our software will automatically handle mixed classes while still allowing you the flexibility to create your own custom rubric.

At SIMnet we’re working on 8 projects for Mac certified release. The first four will be released by Tuesday, July 8th.

  • In Practice Excel 1-5

  • In Practice Excel 2-4

  • In Practice Word 1-6

  • In Practice Word 2-6

The second batch is coming soon!

  • Skills Excel 1-6

  • Skills Excel 2-3

  • Skills Word 1-1

  • Skills Word 2-6

We’ll close with a small word of warning: Once a student has started a project with one operating system, they should stick to it. Switching between Windows and Mac will cause grading errors!

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