NEW SIMnet Content for Friday, August 30th

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Microsoft Office 365/2019 Complete content is being released to SIMnet on a weekly basis. Here is what has been released this week, on Friday August 30th:

  • Excel 2019 In Practice – Chapter 8 and 9 Projects

  • Word 2019 In Practice – Chapter 6 Projects

  • Excel 2019 In Practice – Chapter 10 SIMbook

  • A Skills Approach Excel 2019 Chapter 6 SIMbook and exam questions

  • A Skills Approach Word 2019 Chapter 7 SIMbook and exam questions

  • In Practice Office Book – end of chapter interactive exercises

The 2019 content that has been released to date:

  • All Office level content (including the Word Mail Merge addendum chapter) for the A Skills Approach and In Practice book series

  • Capstones – Level 3 for Access, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word

  • NEW Computer Concepts – with all new LMTs, assessment, and practice questions (80 skills, over 125 assessment questions, and over 125 practice questions)

  • In Practice Word Chapter 5 and 6 SIMbook and autograded projects

  • In Practice Excel Chapter 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 11 SIMbooks

  • In Practice Excel Projects chapters 6 and 7

  • In Practice Access Projects

  • In Practice Word 5 custom lesson and exam mappings

  • The Ribbon interface for all SIMbook Interactivities and Exam Assessment and Practice questions has been updated to the new fluent UI that was part of Microsoft’s July 9th semi-annual release

  • Technology at Your Service 3e custom Lesson and Exam mappings for Computer Concepts 2019

  • Skills Approach Office level Test Bank questions

  • Fluent UI Update β€” Phase 1 of gallery and submenu icons

  • Computing Essentials 2019 custom lesson and exams mappings for new Computer Concepts 2019 content

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