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August 15th, 2014 Release Notes

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August 15th, 2014 Release Notes

New Content

A Skills Approach Access Complete – Chapter 6: Exploring Advanced Forms
SIMbook chapter including Show Me, Guide Me, and Let Me Try and associated simulated questions
SIMnet Access Advanced: Lesson 6: Exploring Advanced Form
  • 16 tasks available for custom lessons
  • 62 simulated questions (31 assessment/31 practice)
  • Mappings for the “by textbook” custom lesson and exam filters will be released Tuesday, August 19.
Capstone Projects
Excel 2013 Capstone – Level 3 Working with Sales Data
Advanced PowerPoint Projects
  • PowerPoint 2013 In Practice – Ch 5 Independent Project 5-5
  • PowerPoint 2013 In Practice – Ch 5 Independent Project 5-6
Updated Assistance
  • New Best Practices document reflects changes made to the Projects Assignment Page
  • Instant Help topics now reflect the latest updates to SIMnet

New/Improved Grading Features

  • Animation – Added grading capability for additional animation types and animation effects.
  • Videos – Determine if a video has a specific style. Determine if a video has specific height and width dimensions.
  • Slide Master – Determine if an action button exist on a Slide Master and if action buttons have the correct size and style.
  • Media – Determine whether a type of media on a slide has the correct number of bookmarks. Determine if media is set to start based on a trigger. Determine if media has playback options applied.
  • Hyperlinks – Check if a hyperlink exists on a slide and if the destination is correct.
  • Charts – Update grading to support multiple charts of different types on a slide.
  • Revised the method of identifying form and report controls to use the control source property rather than the name property.
Bug Fixes
  • Excel 2013 Skills Approach – Ch 3 Fix It 3.6 – Updated Instructions
  • Excel 2013 Skills Approach – Ch 7 Challenge Yourself 7.4 – Updated Instructions