New Feature: SIMsearch – Searchable SIMbook Content

#instructors #new-features

SIMsearch allows users to search the full content of all licensed SIMbooks in their library. SIMsearch has been on a temporary hiatus since the full release of SIMnet for Office 2013 release on July 21, 2013. To search a SIMbook:

  1. Click the LIBRARY link in the top navigation bar and select a book from the bookshelf.

  2. Click the Search tab.

  3. Enter your search term. For example, search for PMT in the Office level book.

  4. Click Go.

  5. The search results will appear below. Results are ordered based on the number of matching terms found per page. The results include the 5 words before and after the search term as they appear on the SIMbook page.

  6. Click the page title to launch the SIMbook chapter and view the selected page. All Show Me, Guide Me and Let Me Try activity is tracked in the Library of the selected chapter.

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