Using the CONCAT Function in SIMnet Office 2013 Projects

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For all Office 365 subscribers with the latest version of Excel installed and updated, the CONCATENATE function has been replaced by CONCAT.

To accommodate students with Office 365 subscriptions, all SIMnet for Office 2013 projects now accept the CONCAT function in all places where the CONCATENATE function is used.This change affects the following projects:

  • Excel 2013 Skills Approach – Ch 3 Skill Review 3.1

  • Excel 2013 Skills Approach – Ch 3 Fix It 3.6 (Mac Supported)

  • Excel 2013 In Practice – Ch 6 Independent Project 6-5 (Mac Supported)

The CONCATENATE function is still available in Excel 2016, but it has been moved to the Compatibility category (Formulas tab, Function Library group, More Functions button, Compatibility).

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