New SIMbook Features Fall 2015

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Whether you’re new to SIMnet or have been around for a while, take a moment to familiarize yourself with our new features. You can now create notes, highlights, and links directly in your SIMbook; navigate between SIMbooks without going back to the library; and directly search the contents of your SIMbook. All of these updates are aimed at making your experience smoother and more powerful. Check it out!

Users can now interact with SIMbooks directly, leaving notes, highlights, and even links to other important content. This will help students to reinforce content and apply that learning more effectively.

Tohighlightcontent, simply click and drag over the words you would like to highlight. That text will be highlighted blue. This highlight will remain in place between sessions, reminding students of the information that they felt was important.

To remove a highlight, simply click the highlight and select theTrash Can Icon.

There are two ways tocreate a Note. The first way is to highlight the desired text by clicking and dragging. Then click theNotepad Iconin the center of the dark blue popup. The note will be associated with the desired text, replacing the highlight. Text with a note appears as dark blue. To review the note, simply hover over the note text or click theNote Icon.

The second way is to click the grayNotepad Iconat the right side of each paragraph. Notes added in this manner are associated with the entire paragraph and are reached by clicking theNotepad Iconagain.

When you click theNotepad Icon, using either method, theAdd a Notebox appears. Type your desired note in the box and then pressEnteror clickAcceptto complete the note.

Once a note has been created, theNotepad Iconat the right of each paragraph fills in and a number to the right of the icon displays the number notes associated with that paragraph.

To view a note, click theNotepad Icon. TheNotepad Iconexpands to display all notes associated with that paragraph.

To Edit a note, left click thenote textor theNotepad Iconand then select thePencil Icon. When you have finished editing a note, clickAcceptor clickEnter.

To delete a note, left click thenote textor theNotepad Iconand then select theDelete Icon.

To create aLink, highlight the text you would like to become a link. Click theLink Iconon the right side of the dark blue popup. TheAdd a Linkwindow appears. Type the link that you would like to use or copy/paste the link into the text box. ClickAcceptor pressEnterto create the link.[note: in some browsers users may have to type http:// in order for the link to function]

Tofollow a link, left click the link and click theRight Arrow Icon. Toedit a link, click thePencil Icon. Todelete a linkclick theTrashcan Icon.

Note: All highlights, notes, and links are associated with individual paragraphs. This is to keep notes from being lost on the page and to keep the content that a paragraph-wide note is associated with clear. At times some paragraphs are broken into multiple selections because the paragraphs is too large or other formatting concerns.

Open the Bookshelf Directly From SIMbooks

Users can now switch books from within a SIMbook! Instead of exiting a book and going back to the Library users can now click on theBook Iconin the upper left corner of the App bar.

When users click on the icon they will be able to view their books in the newBookshelfview. Users can click on any book to view it, or hit theBackbutton to return to the original SIMbook.

Users can now search the text in SIMbooks to find that topic they are looking for instead of flipping through page after page to find the required information. To use theIn-Book Searchclick the magnifying glassSearch****Iconin the upper right corner of the App bar.

Clicking theSearch Iconcauses theSearch Barto appear. Type the desired text into theSearch Barand click theMagnifying Glassor pressEnterto initiate a search.

All of the results of a search will appear in a column on the right hand side of the SIMbook screen. The results are in order by chapter. Scroll through the results to find the required result and click on that result to be taken to that SIMbook page.

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