NEW SIMnet Help System

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SIMnet has released an upgraded Help System for both instructors and students. The new help system has more in-depth articles that cover both the How and the Why of using SIMnet features.
In the Instructor help, view the Best Practices section before you set up your course for next semester, or read the topic on the ins and outs of Integrity Violations before you set your Project Assignment preferences.
In the Student Help, share with your students the nuances of using SIMnet outside of Windows and the Common Mistakes that students run into when doing Project Assignments.
New SIMnet Help System
To access the new SIMnet Student Help, click the SIMnet Instant Help link at the bottom of the sign in page, or click the ? icon when logged in as a student and click either the relevant link that is available or click the All Topics button.
To access the new SIMnet Course Manager Help, log in as an instructor and click the Help buoy icon. Select the context-specific help topic or click the All Topics button.