SIMnet for Office 365 (2019 Edition) Live Preview

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SIMnet for Office 365 (2019 Edition) is nearing its full release date. SIMnet is prepared to make this transition smooth for you and your students. Starting today, instructors can preview our Office 2019 content, live, alongside all your other SIMnet content.

All LIVE PREVIEW content is open for instructors preview only. This content is NOT available for students at this time. Class testing/pilot support will be available later this spring.

The live preview includes introductory Office level content for Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint, including SIMbooks, graded Projects, and simulated exam questions. Throughout the coming weeks, you will see additional content added to the live preview, chapter-by-chapter.

Improved Accessibility and New Features

  • Project instructions are now provided in HTML5 instead of a PDF download. These instructions are shared directly with the SIMbook to ensure consistency. Users will no longer be able to lose points on their submission by following the wrong set of instructions.

  • The relevant instructions, either for Mac or Windows, is automatically selected based on the user’s computer. Each project’s instructions includes the ability to switch between the two versions at any time.

  • SIMnet for Office 2019 introduces improved Show Me and Guide Me interactivities whichintegrate more closely with the full Office simulation used in the Let Me Try. This ensures consistency across interactivities when implementing changes to support Microsoft Office 365 updates and improve the accessibility of Show Me and Guide Me interactivities.

Badging & Digital Credentials

Credentials are a digital certificate of achievement that students can post through social media or add to their resumes to display their mastery of Microsoft Office applications to future employers.These credentials can be used to display general mastery in an application, like Excel, or specific mastery through a Learning Object, like PivotTables.

Please review our competency-based digital credentials here.

In the coming weeks, stay tuned for more details on our achievement-driven badging enhancements.

To activate SIMnet for Office 2019 content to begin your instructor review, your site administrator needs to add SIMnet for Office 2019 to the Assigned Products window in the Products section of the Administration Settings on the left hand navigation in the course manager.

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