SimNet Unexpected Performance Issue on 4/19/14

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Dear Instructor,

We would like to inform you that the SIMnet team has corrected an unexpected issue with the SIMnet system that occurred earlier today.

The system experienced a performance degradation from 10:00AM until 12:20PM CDT on 4/19/2014 which caused you and your students to experience slow response times for SIMnet. Between 12:00PM-12:20PM CDT, SIMnet was mostly inaccessible.

As of 12:20PM CDT, the SIMnet system is functioning normally again, and our team will continue to closely monitor the system to ensure its performance.

Should you or your students experience any issues, please contact our Customer Experience Group at

We apologize for any inconvenience this caused you and your students today.

Thank you again for your patience and continued support,

The SIMnet Team

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