SimGrader Release Notes April 6, 2012


Our April 6, 2012 release addressed a number of SimGrader issues. Please note that some of these fixes were released prior to the official release date.

We also updated the Best Practices Guide (the pop-up PDF that appears the first time a student goes to the Projects tab). To view the Best Practices Guide at any time:

  1. Click the Assignments tab.

  2. Expand the Selected Class drop-down menu and select your class.

  3. Click the Projects tab under Assignments.

  4. Click any assignment title to load the project.

  5. Click the View Best Practices link in the Download Project section on the right side of the window.




Access projects

Instructor’s Concern: The Projects ask to convert accdb file to xlsx file by clicking export data with formatting and layout check box. For the professor, the box is already checked and she states this will be confusing for her students.

Changed the instruction to : c. In the Export window, verify that the Export data with formatting and layout check box is checked. If necessary, click the box to add the checkmark.

ALA Word 13-24

Students confused when needing to apply uppercase vs. all-caps formatting. Need to clarify the instructions.

Added instructions for clarification.

ALA Word 15-14

Need clarification on how to apply the all-caps formatting.

Added instructions for clarification.

ALA Word 2010 10-19

Instructor gets error message when uploading ALA Word project. Error Message: The document does not contain your unique signature. Ensure that the uploaded file was obtained from the Download Start File link.

This was corrected.

O’Leary Excel 2007 3-2

Solution file is not grading as expected for instruction #7.

This was corrected.

O’Leary PPT 2010 2-1

Student is missing points for spell-check when there are no spelling mistakes in the project.

This was corrected.

O’Leary PPT 2010 2-2

The grading for slide notes seems inconsistent.

The grading for the notes was taken out. There were too many variables causing the inconsistent xml in the files and mis-grading.

O’Leary PPT 2010 2-2

Issues with instructions on applying formatting in the Master Slide View.

Added instructions for clarification.

Skills Excel 3-3a

Grading has incorrect cell references for #7.e in the feedback.

This was corrected.

Skills Excel 4-1a

Student has applied additional conditional formatting to the table, which was not specified in the instructions.

Added a note: IMPORTANT: To ensure accurate grading, make sure that there are only 3 Conditional Formatting rules listed in the Conditional Formatting Manager; Icon Set, Top 10 and Cell Value. Delete any others.

Skills Word 1-3a and 1-3b

Rubrics for Skills Word are missing in Course Manager.

This was corrected.

Skills Word 3-1b

Students were not able to edit the footer to correct their mistake.

Added notes clarifying that edits cannot be made in the footer, because it is a Quick Part, the project must be re-done from the beginning.

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