New Feature! Gradebook Bulk Grade Change and Calculated Column Interface

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Bulk Updates to Assignment Grades

Instructors can now update all grades within a class for a single assignment at once. Instructors canAddas many points as they like, with or without a point cutoff. Instructors canSubtractas points up to a zero result. Instructors can change grades to beSet toa specified amount. All selected grades can automatically be set toMaxorZeropoints as well.

In addition, all grades that have had changes applied to them can beResetto unlock the grades or reset all grades to adash. These two options will not automatically apply to all selected students but only students who meet the criteria of having a grade changed and locked or having an automatic process reset the grades from dash to zero. Resetting the dash back to a zero is especially useful if an instructor needs to change the due date of an assignment that has already passed its original due date.

To apply bulk updates, select theGradebookfrom the left navigation and select the desired class. From the loaded gradebook select the desired column and click theView Detailsbutton on the right pane.

Once the button is selected each of the students in the class will be listed vertically.

Select the desired students individually, or all students in the class by clicking theNamecheckbox. Once names are selected, theAdjust Selected Gradesbutton will become available to select.

Click theAdjust Selected Gradesbutton to bring up theAdjustmentwindow.

Select the desired change and clickApply.

Once you selectApplya message will ask you to confirm adjustment and then inform you as to how many of the selected grades will be changed. All grades will be changed except for the last two selections which are context dependent.

Calculated Columns

Selecting the columns involved in a column calculation has been improved. You can now select columns from a list and more easily see which ones have been added.

To view which columns are involved in a calculation, from the gradebook, click theGradebook Actions & Settingsbutton to view theColumnsin the gradebook. Select a calculated column or click theCreatebutton and selectCalculated.

To view the new options click theView/Editbutton in the lower right corner of theEdit Columnssection.

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