New Feature! Limit Ecommerce Offers by Class

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Schools based in the U.S. have the ability to control the ecommerce products students are allowed to purchase directly from the SIMnet homepage or the SIMnet Student Profile. SIMnet Administrators can control the availability of direct ecommerce products by visiting the Administrative Settings –> eCommerce page within the Course Manager.

SIMnet now supports the ability for Administrators and Full Instructors to limit the availability of ecommerce products based on content required for their course. Follow these steps to limit the direct ecommerce offers in your course:

  • Login to the Course Manager

  • Click Classes, Manage

  • Find your class, click Edit/Assign from the Actions Menu

  • Click the eCommerce button at the top of the page

  • To limit the list of products, place one or more check marks next to each product you would like available to your course. If the product required for your course isn’t listed please contact the SIMnet Administrator.

  • Click Save.

Note, the direct ecommerce feature is only available for schools located in the US.

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