Have You Considered Becoming a Microsoft Office Specialist?

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Have you considered becoming a certified Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)? Have you heard that becoming MOS certified is a thing?The basic idea is simple: if you pass a test created by Microsoft, you gain a resume boost.

Microsoft has created a series of exams that test your ability to use various Microsoft Office programs, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. Once you pass these exams you get an official certificate. Many people write in their resume that they are proficient in Microsoft Office programs but the MOS certification is proof.

The exams aren’t free – so you want to make sure that you’re ready before you dive in. Fortunately SIMnet has you covered. A SIMnet user recently wrote to us:

I just finished taking the MOS Word 2013 certification exam, and I passed with flying colors. I owe that more than anything to the learning and practice I’ve had with SIMnet.

SIMnet covers the skills that I used in the exam, and provided many different ways to practice them. There wasn’t a moment where I wasn’t sure about how to do something. What’s more, SIMnet breaks skills down in a very clear way, so I always knew exactly what the exam was asking for.

What I didn’t expect was how much SIMnet Projects in particular would prepare me for the certification exam. The two are very similar, so I barely noticed the transition from SIMnet to the exam. In some ways, it felt like just doing another SIMnet project! Once I realized that, any anxiety I had disappeared.

SIMnet had me so well prepared, I can’t wait to tackle the next one! All I need to do for practice is log in to SIMnet and work through the lessons and exams. It couldn’t be easier.

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