Enhanced OneDrive Simulation in SIMnet

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New, enhanced OneDrive simulation is coming to SIMnet on Friday, September 29th. OneDrive-based Let Me Try interactivities in SIMbooks and Exam questions will feature a simulation of the OneDrive environment.

All Let Me Try questions will be replaced automatically on the 29th without any disruption. Students who have completed SIMbook questions will not need to repeat them and their grade will not change. Students who have yet to complete the questions will need to answer the new questions to get credit for their assignment.

All currently assigned Exam questions will not change. The assigned multiple-choice questions for exams will continue to be assigned to students. Instructors have carefully designed their evaluations and SIMnet will not change those evaluations. In addition to the currently available questions, a new set of simulated OneDrive questions will be available to assign in Exams. Like other simulated environments (e.g. Excel), the questions will correspond with steps in the Let Me Try environment. Starting next semester the multiple-choice questions will not be able to be assigned to new exams so that they can be slowly phased out.

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