SIMnet Projects Release Notes for Monday, February 17, 2014

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For release Monday, February 17, 2014:

New Project

A Skills Approach : Excel 2013 – Chapter 7 Skill Review 7.1

New/Improved Grading Features


  • Improve chart functions to work when multiple charts are present on one worksheet.

  • Determine if a chart has a secondary axis.

  • Identify legend position.

  • Compare fill color for a point in a series.

  • Compare line format options for a series.


  • Determine whether markers and other points such as high point and last point are show on trend lines.

  • Compare colors of markers and other points.


  • Identify the begin arrow and/or end arrow type.

  • Count the number of trendlines in a chart.


  • Verify existence of word art on a worksheet.

  • Compare text effects.


  • Compare picture style characteristics.

Bug Fixes

In Practice Word Independent Project 2-4: Fixed a grading error that was occurring with a paragraph spacing function.

In Practice Excel Independent Project 4-4: Fixed a grading error that was occurring in a conditional formatting function.

Fixed an error that was occurring when comparing font properties of cover page document properties.

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