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NEW Information Screen and Updated Exam View

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New Information Screen for Exams and Timed Projects

Students will see a new information window before they take a SIMnet Exam, SIMpath Exam, Test Bank Exam, or Timed Project assignment. The information on the screen includes the Student Name, Student ID, Assignment End Date, the Length of the Assignment and other assignment details as applicable. The details visible to the student and the information within those details vary by assignment type and instructor selection.
For example, if the instructor selects the Allow to Pause Exampreference when creating an exam, the notification for students will say, You may pause or exit this exam and continue at a later time. If the instructor deselects the Allow to Pause Exam preference, the exam notification will say, You must complete this exam attempt in one sitting. If you exit or leave it will automatically be submitted.
For example, if the assignment is organized by dates, the student will see a Complete By line with the End Date. If the assignment is not organized by dates, this line will be absent.
Students will need to check the box to confirm that they have read available student integrity details at their school before they can start their assignment.
Exam Information View
Exam Information View
The available details that appear in the exam launcher depend upon the settings for the exam.

New Student Exam Options

The options available to students during an exam have been updated for clarity.
The iExam Info button, or i button, displays the exam details, including the length of the exam, attempts at each question and whether the exam can be paused.
The Submitbutton ends the exam and submits the exam for grading. This button replaces the previous xbutton which had the same function but was not as clear for student users.
If the instructor has selected the Allow to Pause Exam option in the exam preferences, the Pause button will appear. Using this button stops any applicable timers and exits the exam. The exam can then be resumed at a later time by opening the assignment and clicking Take Exam. A paused exam is not submitted until the student submits the exam or the Due Date for the assignment is met.
New Exam Buttons
New Exam Buttons