Credentials in Course Manager

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Instructors can now view each of the Credentials earned in a particular class or by a particular student in the Course Manager.

To view all of the credentials that students have achieved in your course, select the course in the Classessection on the left navigation. In the actions menu select either Class Report or Snapshot. On the top of the page, select the Credentials tab. Each credential will be listed in alphabetical order by student. You can filter the credentials by student. Click on the Credential in the Credentialcolumn to view the credential with Accredible. Click the student’s name to view the student snapshot with the Credentialstab open. If the credential is an Achievement Credential earned from a project submission, you can click the link in the Issued From column to view the particular submission that earned the credential.

To see the credentials that a student has earned, either select the desired student from the Last Name, First Name column in the Course Snapshot; or select the student from the Students section on the left navigation and select the Credentials tab.

Clicking on the Credential brings the user to the Accredible page bearing the credential. Clicking on a Project submission in the Issued From column views the submission that earned the credential.

Learn more about Achievement Credentials here.

Learn more about Completion Credentials here.

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