NEW Black Belt Credentials in SIMnet

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The SIMnet Black Belt Credential is now available for Office 2016 applications. Black Belt exams targeting Office 2019 applications are forthcoming.

Black Belt credentials are available for each of the 4 main applications in SIMnet: Access, Excel, PowerPoint and Word. The Black Belt Credential is earned by completing the corresponding Black Belt Exam. Black Belt Exams test students’ mastery of each application. Each Black Belt Exam contains a random set of 60 questions that must be completed within 90 minutes with a score of 90% or higher to earn the Black Belt credential.

The content for each Black Belt exam has already been curated across SIMnet to ensure that the Black Belt credential represents the mastery of a complete application. Instructors have a limited ability to make changes to exam preferences – the number of allowed attempts and whether or not the Exam Timer is visible. As with other Credentials, individual Course or Personal assignments can have a custom threshold between a 90% and a 100% score.

The 2019 Black Belt exam will be available once all Advanced level content for each application has been released.

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