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NEW SIMnet Exam Scenario Names

SIMnet Exams and SIMnet Practice Exams are now SIMnet Exam – Scenario A and SIMnet Exam – Scenario B. Scenario A questions and Scenario B questions cover the same content in the same manner but are distinct from each other and from SIMbook Let Me Try simulation questions. Exam questions may reflect all or part of a Let Me Try. SIMnet Exams are divided into two groups of questions, A and B, so that instructors can design exams, study materials, and SIMpath Pre-test and Post-tests without needing to check if they’ve used a question before.
This change clarifies a misconception among some of our SIMnet users: that the Assessment Exams and Practice Exams were designed with different difficulties or were designed for a different setting. SIMnet Exam questions are alike in difficulty and content across exam scenarios and may be used interchangeably.
All current SIMnet Exams will now be SIMnet Exam – Scenario A.
All current SIMnet Practice Exams will now be SIMnet Exam – Scenario B.