Capstone Projects

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A capstone is the last stone laid. It is the symbolic end to construction. SIMnet Capstone Projects serve as a finishing touch to learning a new Microsoft Office application. Each application will have its own Capstone Project. Each project will have 3 levels of complexity. Instructors can select the Capstone Project that best matches the constraints of their course:

  • Level 3 Projects are designed to be a comprehensive review of all of the content from the Office level books.

  • Level 2 Projects are a slightly smaller list covering about the first three chapters of content.

  • Level 1 Projects cover only the first few chapters in the Office books and are designed to test basic skills.

The Level 3 Capstone Projects will be released over the coming weeks:

  • Word Capstone Level 3 – August 1st

  • Excel Capstone Level 3 – August 15th

  • PowerPoint Capstone Level 3 – August 22nd

The other two levels of Capstone Projects will be available this fall, as well as the Access Level Capstone Projects. The Access Capstone Projects will all run in our newly released Direct Access Grading!

In the coming weeks instructors will be able to review in an in depth review of how each text book aligns with each individual Capstone Project so they can make an informed decision about which level is right for their course.

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