Better Handling of Student Losing Internet Connection During Exams


We had released an update the morning of Thursday, November 21, 2013 to improve SIMnet’s ability to handle a dropped internet connection on the student’s end while taking an exam.

Previously, there were sporadic reports of students being stuck on the Saving screen while taking an exam when completing a question and moving onto the next one. This was due to the student losing internet connection when the student’s submitted answer was being saved. The student would see have been stuck on a Saving answer… dialog box with an icon resembling book pages turning, similar to this screenshot:

With Thursday’s release when the students lose internet connection during the exam, they will see an error message similar to the one below. The error dialog box also has a Reload Exam button which will restart the exam (provided that the student has regained internet connection) for the students where they had left off with their previously answered questions saved.

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