New Wizards on Project Assignment Page Will Ease Confusion and Late Submissions

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We’ve noted that a number of our users have some trouble with smoothly downloading all the files associate with their project and then successfully uploading and submitting their project for grading. We’ve been brainstorming this issue and have created some new wizards that will seamlessly make each student’s project more successful. We will debut these windows in the coming weeks.

When your student opens a new Project to start work, they are greeted with the familiar start page. Now, once they click Download Files they will start to get new prompts to ensure they download everything they need. First they will view a window that will notify them that their start file is on the way. That screen prompts each student to download the correct instruction file. This will help ensure that they use the latest instructions, calibrated carefully for their success. At times these differ from print book instructions for the student’s benefit. We want to make sure that they get that benefit!

The next screens are situation specific. If your project does not include resource files or you elect not to include a solution file from the start page, those options won’t be shown to the student. If your students already have those files or are not interested in the optional files, they may elect to skip them.

Now your students are directed that they have all the files that they need and that they get a message that will help them begin confidently without fearing that they’ve missed important information.

We’ve made other changes to the upload and grade process as well. Some of our students have been unclear as to the difference between Upload & Save and Grade My Project. We love the Upload & Save feature and, when students understand it, they do too. This handy spot allows students to store their work between sessions in the computer lab and at home or any other combination of work stations without fear of losing their assignment.

However, a lot of students assume that the Upload & Save step is the same as the Grade My Project step. So we’ve added another short wizard to ask students if they’re ready to upload their project and allow them to do so with the click of a button.

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