Projects with Custom Rubrics – Gradebook Bug – UPDATED
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UPDATE: All student data in the Gradebook for projects with custom totals will be fixed before tomorrow (March 9) morning.
In the release today (March 8, 2012), we fixed a bug in the Gradebook that only affected project grades where the instructor used a custom rubric and modified points.
What was happening: The Gradebook was ignoring the updated point total, and instead calculated the grade based on the original, default points for the project.
How it works now: The Gradebook correctly calculates the grade based on the modified point total for the project.
**What this means for student results:**The Gradebook will still display incorrect calculations for results generated prior to this morning’s release (for projects that use a custom rubric).
We are working on a plan to update the existing data in the Gradebook as necessary and will post again as soon as all student data have been corrected.
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