June 5th, 2015 – Release Notes

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June 5th, 2015 – Release Notes

New SIMnet Content & Features

Upgraded Copy Detection In Projects

SIMnet now has the ability to detect if a student has copied elements of a document from another student’s file and pasted the elements into their own file. This is in addition to detecting if a student submits another students file for grading. Details about the copied elements is available in the Academic Integrity Violation Report. This feature now available for Word 2013 Capstone Projects, Word 2013 O’Leary Projects, Word 2013 Project Learn Projects, and Word 2013 GA State Standard Projects.

Bug Fixes and Project Improvements


Improved grading for conditional formatting to handle when multiple formatting rules exist for a cell or range of cells.

The following Excel 2013 Skills Approach were updated:

  • Skill Review 2.1 – Updated grading for inserting cut cells and improved feedback for conditional formatting.

  • Challenge Yourself 2.3 (Mac Supported) – Replaced grading for cell alignment and border properties and improved conditional formatting feedback.

  • Skill Review 3.1 – Improved image of the solution file.

  • Challenge Yourself 3.3 – Removed unnecessary cell value grading and improved image of the solution file.

  • Fix It 3.6 (Mac Supported) – Updated named range grading.

  • Skill Review 4.1 – Improved solution images and updated grading for tab color and text in a cell. Corrected the print settings in the start file.

  • Challenge Yourself 4.3 (Mac Supported) – Improved solution images.

  • Fix It 4.6 – Improved solution images and updated grading for column width.

  • Skill Review 5.1 (Mac Supported) – Improved feedback messages. Improved solution images.

  • Challenge Yourself 5.3 – Replaced pivot table grading to determine if the pivot table uses the average function. Improved grading of slicer filters. Improved solution images.

  • Fix It 5.6 – Replaced function grading chart cell reference to grade chart type. Improved solution images


Created new function for grading document properties in the body of a document.

O’Leary Word 2013 – Lab 3-1 Improving a Report– Changed instruction text for step 1i. to “Insert a page number at the bottom of the page in the footer using the Circle style”.

Word 2013 In Practice – Guided Project 2-2 – Improved grading for correct fonts. Fixed a problem with feedback for page vertical alignment.

Word 2013 Skills Approach – Skill Review 3.1 – Added function to check whether the correct document property control with the correct text has been added to the document.

Improved images of the solution files for the following Word 2013 Skills Approach files:

  • Skill Review 1.1 (Mac Supported)

  • Fix It 1.6

  • Skill Review 2.1

  • Challenge Yourself 2.3

  • Fix It 2.6 (Mac Supported)

  • Skill Review 3.1

  • Challenge Yourself 3.4 (Mac Supported)

  • Skill Review 4.1

  • Fix It 4.6 (Mac Supported)

  • Skill Review 8.1 (Mac Supported)

  • Skill Review 9.1 (Mac Supported)

  • Challenge Yourself 9.4


Improved grading of text by adding check for line breaks and paragraph breaks in text to determine if string is split over multiple lines.

Created new function that will determine if the first letter of each word is capitalized.

Improved grading of section names to allow for minor differences in spelling or case.

PowerPoint 2013 Skills Approach – Skill Review 4.1 – Improved section name grading and replaced functions that grade slide location.

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