New Features, Updates & Fixes on December 30th, 2014

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New Features, Updates & Fixes on December 30th, 2014

New Features

Course Manager

Assignment Scheduling – Gradebook Column Preferences

The assignment preference scheduling views for all assignment types now contain the gradebook column preferences including: column visibility, late submission deduction, points, display type and calculation type.

When updating multiple existing assignments you can now independently update the schedule, gradebook options and restrictions.

Gradebook – Late Submission Flag

The main gradebook view now displays an icon indicating if an assignment was submitted after the due date. Additionally, the grade history indicates that the assignment was submitted late.

Reports – Lesson & SIMbook Completion Date Tracking

Previously it wasn’t possible to determine if a Lesson or SIMbook assignment was completed in-full prior to the due-date or if the student was just practicing after the due-date. There is now a β€œCompleted Date” included in the Lesson and SIMbook details and reports. Moving forward, this column will be set with the date and time when the assignment was completed at 100%.

Student Portal

SIMbooks – Glossary term pop-ups

Glossary terms in the SIMbook pages now contain a pop-up definition of the term.

SIMbooks – Glossary Navigation

Changes & Updates

  • To better align with other McGraw-Hill offerings β€œFree Trial” accounts have been renamed β€œCourtesy Access” and now have a maximum length of 14-days.

  • The β€œI need to buy a license” links are automatically removed when there are no ecommerce products selected in the Administrative Settings.

  • Project assignments with delayed grades now prevent access to the student’s submitted file in the Student Portal.

  • Personal assignments that are set to be transferred to a class will only be visible to the student if there are available attempts remaining in the related class assignment. Previously, grades that were transferred to a class would still allow access to the assignment via the personal assignment.

  • The Show My Classes vs. Show All Classes filter in the Course Manager Classes section is now only available for Administrators. Other Instructor types can only view the β€œMy Classes” option.

  • Improved Course Manager and Student Portal Instant Help topics.

  • Refactored resource viewing in the Student Portal to avoid pop-ups. This removed the requirement to allow pop-ups in the Student Portal.

  • Added ability for instructors using SIMstudent to delete resource attempts.

  • Improved SIMbook reading view in Student Portal on smaller screen sizes.

Bug Fixes

  • Removed unnecessary auto-generated columns from some report print views.

  • Details on Native Access project submissions that had an integrity violation now functions properly.

  • Fixed issue with setting the SIMpath exam preference β€œAdvance on Incorrect.”

  • SIMpath post-test results in the student portal wasn’t properly enforcing delayed grades and caused the results link to be invalid.

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