SimNet Content Now Mapped to Microsoft Office Access 2010, A Lesson Approach, Complete

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We have just uploaded the textbook mappings for the Microsoft Office Access 2010, A Lesson Approach, Complete textbook. If you have adopted this book, be sure to have your administrator add it to your SimNet account through the Administrator Settings > Textbooks page. Once this is done, all you need to do is filter by textbook when creating an exam or lesson and then choose your textbook.

Remember – not all SimNet content maps one-to-one back to the textbooks. In Access advanced, there are many skills that SimNet covers differently than ALA. For example, ALA teaches adding a background graphic in the chapter on advanced forms, but SimNet teaches it in advanced reports. The two skills, while similar, aren’t exactly the same, and so we don’t β€œmap” the SimNet content to that chapter in ALA. If you are using the textbook filters to create lessons and exams, it is worth it to check out the β€œSimNet” textbook chapters and see if there are any additional tasks or questions you want to use.

There will be one more Access content upload and an update to the textbook mappings before mid-April. We’ll post a notice here when that content is available.

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