SimNet Release March 2, 2012

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Our March 2, 2012 release focused mostly on SimGrader improvements; however, there was one SimNet correction:

**Task id:**ex10_01_05

**Task title:**Inserting and Deleting Cells

Problem: An instructor reported that the Let Me Try was not replicating what is shown in the Show Me.

**Resolution:**There are formulas in the Excel spreadsheet used for the screenshots in the Let Me Try that automatically adjust the date from 5/1/2010 to 6/1/2010. This makes it seem as if nothing were moved. The background screenshot was updated by overriding the text change to give a stronger visual showing a cell being inserted and the cells being shifted down.

SimGrader Improvements

Based on field testing with students at the University of Alabama, we have been able to identify and correct a number of SimGrader project instructions that were causing confusion. Rather than trying to list everything here, we have attached a PDF listing the changes. Remember, when a SimGrader grading improvement or fix is made, you will need to regrade existing results by manually clicking the Regrade button. New submissions, however, will be graded using the new and improved grading functions.

Click here to open the SimGrader release details.

We’d like to thank Kathy Morris and her students at the University of Alabama for their assistance!

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