Setting Up a New Semester Tips

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As you set up your course for the new semester, you might find these items helpful:

Copying a Class

  • If you have already created Class(es) in a previous semester, the Course Manager includes an option to copy the Class(es) so that you do not have to repeat setting up everything again. Note: You might have to change the assignment due dates to line up with your new semester.

  • To review the instructions on how to copy a class, click on Classes in the navigation menu, click on Help, and select Copying Classes.

Archiving a Class

  • Archive class(es) from previous semester(s) will remove the class(es) from displaying in any list or report within the Course Manager or Student Portal. The class(es) will not be deleted, but it will appear in the Archived Classes list under the Archive tab in the Classes section. This will make it easier for you to locate the class(es) and the related information in your current semester instead of going through a long list that include class(es) from previous semester(s). It will also reduce the possibility of students registering for the wrong class, because the archived classes from the previous semester(s) are not displayed on the list for them to select from.

  • To review the instructions on how to archive a class, click on Classes in the navigation menu, click on Help, and select Archiving aClass.

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Multiplier

  • This feature allows the instructor to assign more time to complete an exam for a particular student.

  • To review instructions on how to change the ADA multiplier, click on Students in the navigation menu, click on Help, and select Modifying an ADA Multiplier

Single Sign-On

  • Through MHCampus, we offer the ability for single sign-on between SimNet and your learning management.

  • To learn more, please click here or contact your McGraw-Hill sales rep.


  • Should you or any instructors need a refresher or additional training on SimNet, please talk to your McGraw-Hill sales rep. The sales rep can coordinate a WebEx training session with our Digital Success Team.

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