Microsoft Office 365 Update in SIMnet

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Update, January 11: The release of SIMnet materials for the Office 365 Semi-Annual update will occur next week.
Today, Microsoft Office 365 subscribers received the first Semi-Annual update for Office 365. The Semi-Annual change updates all Office 365 subscribers who had not previously updated their systems.
What is Microsoft Office 365
Office 365 is a subscription service from Microsoft that gives you the most up-to-date versions of the Office applications. Office 365 is not limited to the free Office Online apps. You use your Office 365 subscription to download and install the full versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and, depending on your subscription, Access. There are Office 365 plans available for home and personal use as well as school and business. Depending on the type of Office 365 subscription you have, you will receive feature updates monthly or twice a year.
Microsoft also sells Office 2016 as a one-time purchase that allows you to install Office on a single computer. If you purchase Office 2016 this way, you will not receive feature updates.
If you are unsure which version of Office you have, open any Office file (or create a new blank file). Click the File tab to open Backstage view. Click Account or Help from the list at the left of the screen. Your Office installation information will be listed on the next screen.Refer to Microsoft formore information.
What Features have been updated?
The updates to Microsoft Office 365 include:
Triad will be updating the relevant SIMnet content on Friday, January 12th. The two day interval allows us to review the Microsoft Office update to ensure that stated changes have successfully been incorporated for all Office 365 users. When SIMnet users come across a SIMbook page that contains content from the Office 365 update, the following icon will be displayed at the top of the page:
This icon indicates that there are changes to the content of the SIMbook page and to the affiliated interactive parts on that page including the Show Me, Guide Me, and Let Me Try questions. SIMpath and Exam questions that cover this content are updated as well.
For users who are using the non-Office 365 version of Microsoft Office 2016, Project instructions will contain alternate instructions that those users should follow. Each step that has an alternate instruction contains the following logo and the alternate instruction directly below the primary instruction.
Further Reading
To read more about the Semi-Annual and other update channels, refer to Microsoft formore information. For SIMnet users, we recommend using the Semi-Annual update channel.