Print Versions of SIMpath Pre-Test and Post-Test Now Available

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We have released a new feature where you can generate a print version of both the pre-test and post-test for SIMpaths. Go to the main SIMpaths menu and expand theActionsmenu for the SIMpath for which you want a print version. You’ll see new menu entries forPrint Pre-TestandPrint Post-Test. The post-test printed version is the full version of the test (non-adaptive).

This feature may be useful when you need to generate a screen-reader accessible version of the simulated SIMpath exam questions for students with reading disabilities. From the print window, click the Print button. If you have Adobe Acrobat installed, you can expand the list of printers and change the print destination toSave as PDF. (The steps to save as a PDFs will vary depending on your browser and operating system, but the general idea is the same.) PDFs can be read by most screen readers. This feature was already available for regular SIMnet exams, and now it’s available for your SIMpath exams as well.

Updated SIMpath Actions Menu

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