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Coming Soon to SIMnet: Microsoft Office 2016

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SIMnet is announcing the release of its Microsoft Office 2016 content this week!
This release includes Office-level content for all four applications: All Office-level SIMbook chapters for both the A Skills Approach and In Practice book series, brand new projects, and new simulations built with HTML5 and JavaScript.
Additional content to round out the SIMnet Office-level offerings will be released on a weekly basis throughout the summer. Instructors can begin creating their classes immediately after the release of 2016 content. Any Show Me, Guide Me, or Let Me Try content marked Coming Soon will automatically slot right in to created courses as soon as it is released.
Once the content has been released, administrators can add the new textbook to their campus by logging in to the SIMnet Course Manager and clicking on the Settings link at the bottom of the left-hand menu. Then click Productsfrom the Settings menu. On the left menu select SIMnet for Office 2016 and click Add.Then click on the Textbooks option in the Settings menu. Select the series of your choice in the left menu and click the Add button to add the textbook to your campus.
Stay tuned to the SIMnet blog for more information in the coming days including a complete rundown of the new 2016 content and a look at our brand-new 2016 simulation technology.