NEW Pass/Fail Gradebook Calculation Type

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Instructors can now set an assignment in the SIMnet Gradebook to be graded on a Pass/Fail criterion. The Pass/Fail option can be set for Exams, Lessons, Projects and SIMbooks. It cannot be used on other assignment types, such as SIMpaths and cannot be used on calculated columns.

To set a Pass/Fail grade type the instructor should select the Pass/fail Calculation method in the gradebook or from the Calculation Type drop-down menu when assigning the object to a class. When selecting a Pass/Fail criteria, instructors must then set a Pass/Fail Threshold. The default setting is 90%.

Students who achieve the threshold will receive full credit for the assignment, to be displayed as the instructor desires. Users who do not achieve the threshold will not receive any credit for the assignment.

For the example below, the user achieved 4/8 points for their Exam. Since the threshold was set to 49%, the user achieved the criterion. Therefore, the user receives 8/8 points for the assignment. Since the instructor set the Display as setting to Percent the user has a 100%.

When the instructor changes the settings for the Pass/fail threshold (%) to 51, the student, having achieved a 50% does not get credit for their assignment. They receive 0 points.

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