New Content Release: Outlook 2013 and Internet Browsers!

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Two new modules are coming to SIMnet this week: Outlook 2013 and Internet Browsers. They are both available under the Exams, Lessons, and SimPath sections of the SIMnet Course Manager. Simply create a new SIMnet exam, lesson, or SimPath, navigate by module and select either Outlook 2013 or Internet Browsers. Add only the content you want!

Using a Web browser is a bit like driving a car – there are two distinct issues in getting up and running. First, you’ve got to learn how to drive a car. Then, every time you get a new car you’ve got to find where all the pedals and levers are. And what is that beeping!? SIMnet has content to familiarize your students with broad topics, like website navigation, search, and secure logins, and individualized browser topics like how to manage privacy settings in Chrome or browse privately in Firefox.

Outlook continues to have hundreds of millions of users throughout the world. This is especially true in business settings. Learning the intricacies of the tools that Outlook offers, and how they relate to the rest of the Microsoft suite is vital to workplace readiness. Managing incoming emails with effective rules, using meeting requests appropriately to plan the day efficiently, and adding contacts all pay quick dividends.

That’s just the start of the torrent of new content coming your way this month. Next, a newly streamlined and repositioned Computing Concepts SIMbook will hit the sweet spot for an introductory course that also needs to cover all four SIMnet Microsoft Applications. Then two new modules, Windows 8 and File Management, will familiarize users with the latest Windows OS and teach students how to efficiently and effectively manage their files. All by the end of July!

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