NEW SIMnet Instant Help Site Update

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The new SIMnet Instant Help site is here! is now available for SIMnet students to review and get the most up-to-date information they need to successfully complete their SIMnet courses.
New Instant Help view
The new SIMnet Instant Help site is organized by topic area instead of broken by individual help questions. Students will be able to get focused information about each topic in one place. New pullouts and tabs allow students to view potential pitfalls and see information targeted directly to their computer setup.
**Note:**The new help system will have a different organization and setup than the old help system. Therefore, old links to the help system will no longer work. Instructors are encouraged to update any links at this time.
Help tabs organized by browser
The new SIMnet Instant Help system is being updated in stages. At this time the student help section is live. The Instructor and Administrator help system is being brought online next. The links inside SIMnet to the current SIMnet Instant Help site, activated by clicking the ? icon, are being updated on July 17th.