SIMnet Admins – Back-To-School Prep

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Making sure all of your school’s settings are up-to-date and don’t include any unused content smooths the transition to a new school year. Fewer available options ensures that instructors and students alike do not provide the wrong materials or buy the wrong registration codes.

To control the eCommerce options available to your students, go toAdministrative****Settings, clickeCommerce and then add or remove products as appropriate. The products available for eCommerce are controlled by theProductssettings. If your school is moving to SIMnet for Office 2019be sure to switch the ecommerce offers to the new version or request any custom offers from your McGraw-Hill local representative.

In the U.S., eCommerce settings can be further controlled at the class level.The eCommerce options that are available to the campus can further be reduced for each class.

In the Course Manager, go toSettings, clickProducts, and then add or add or remove products, likeSIMnet for Office 2016 or SIMnet for Office 2019, as needed.

To manage the textbook filters available to instructors when creating lessons and exams, go toSettings, clickTextbooks, and then add or remove textbooks as needed. If you use campuses, be sure to select the correct campus from the drop-down list at the top of the page.

If your school has inclusive access, please review the number of available codes at your school to ensure that there will be enough for the semester. To review the number of available codes go toAdministrative****Settings and clickDetails.

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