New Content Release: Computer Concepts, Windows 8, and File Management!

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The hits keep coming for new SIMnet content this summer! We are following up the early July release of Outlook 2013 and Internet Browsers with an upcoming release of Computer Concepts, Windows 8, and File Management.

Each of these new modules is accessible through Exams, Lessons, or SimPaths in the Course Manager. Simply create a new SIMnet exam, custom lesson, or SimPath, filter by textbook and select SIMnet – Computer Concepts, SIMnet – Windows 8, or SIMnet – File Management. Add only the content you want!

The new content will show up automatically if you filter by module. You may prefer to see the new content organized by textbook. If you are not seeing any of the new content when you are filtering by textbook, you may need to add the SIMnet textbook. After your administrator adds the SIMnet textbook the content will display under textbooks as well!

Computer Concepts is a novel approach to an introductory computer course based on talking with you, the instructors. You’ve noted that the shift in introductory computing courses from computer majors to general students has left some computing texts too deep in complex areas and too shallow in basic information. We’ve created a text that is designed to deal with the everyday student’s interaction with computers. How can they get a new computer without wasting money on unneeded features? How can they use the Internet to research a paper without resorting to plagiarizing or Wikipedia? How will they use computers to get a job and what will they do with them once they’ve got one?

Windows 8 represents a large shift from previous Windows operating systems. The OS is meant to coordinate Windows offerings for desktops and laptops with touch-heavy displays like tablets and phones. Even Windows veterans can get confused by the new layouts and tools available in Win8. Our offering will demystify your student’s transition.

File Management is an essential computing skill. It doesn’t matter how well you can manage a database or spreadsheet if you can’t find it. Enforcing a sensible, understandable, and repeatable filing system will help users manage their computers as efficiently and effectively as possible. When your students save the boss by quickly locating and producing the file she lost, they’ll be on their way to being the boss themselves.

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