Release Notes for February 3, 2012


Release Notes for February 3, 2012

Our February 3, 2012 release included both SimNet and SimGrader fixes and improvements. Please note that some of these fixes were released prior to the official release date.

The next planned maintenancerelease is March 2.


  • Fixed an issue with Dashboard: Current Assignments list with multiple pages now loads better (and more consistently).

  • Fixed an issue with Drop Box: Item drop-down menu will now show assignments greyed out and italics if that assignment is no longer enabled for student submissions.

  • Show Me videos for Word 2010 tasks Saving an E-mail Draft and Using Tracking Options for Messageswere showing a β€œComing Soon” message. These videos have been uploaded and are now available.

  • Show Me video for Computer Concepts task Monitors was missing audio. This has been corrected.

  • Two Excel 2010 Let Me Try exercises were not accepting the correct answer – Importing Data from a Text File and Importing Data from Access. Both have been fixed.

  • Fixed an issue in Word 2010 where an instructor reported an unusually long lag time between answering the question and being marked correct/incorrect. Question id: wd10083 Question text: Create a new document from the Event Marketing brochure (Accessory Design). and Question id: wd10125 Question text: Print three copies of the document

  • Improved Computer Concepts questions that referred to Windows Server 2008. We removed the Server 2008 reference in the hint, and changed the hint text to: Windows Server and Linux are popular network operating systems. Question id: co10060 Assessment question text: Which piece(s) of software includes tools to manage users on a network server? Click your answer(s), then click Done. Assessment question hint: Windows Server 2008 and Linux are popular network operating systems. and Question id:cp10060Practice question text: Click the image(s) of the operating systems that are not appropriate for managing a network. Practice question hint: Windows Server 2008 and Linux are popular network operating systems.


There were two general improvements to SimGrader in this release:

  1. We improved the Excel scoring engine to allow for more variations when grading formulas. The projects grading engine now allows for extra spaces, extra or lack of parenthesis, and transposed arguments when the result of the formula (the cell value) is correct and the formula references the same cells as the solution. (If the student types the correct value in the cell instead of using a formula, the grader will still judge that as incorrect.)

  2. Excel does not allow for brackets [ ] in file names. Some students found the file naming instructions in the Excel Skills book projects confusing, so we removed the brackets from the [your initials] part of the file naming instructions.

The list of fixes and improvements to specific SimGrader projects in this release is attached:SimGrader Release 02062012

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