NEW Streamlined 2019 Project View

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The 2019 Project Assignment view has been updated to make completing Project assignments simpler. This update includes five improvements that streamline submitting your project for grading smoother and require less navigating from one page to another.

Instructions are now all on the same page as the project assignment. The instructions do not need to be downloaded and viewed in a separate window. Switching between Windows and Mac instructions is as simple as the click of a button.

As you complete each step in the Project process, that step is highlighted. As you move from Step 1, Download, to Step 2, Upload, that step becomes highlighted in yellow.

As you make the changes to your file in each instruction, you can check off that instruction as complete. The next unfinished instruction is highlighted in yellow to make it easier to find. Once you have reached the bottom of the instructions, a handy button allows you to scroll Back to top. If you would like to start your project again, click the Reset Progress button to clear all check marks.

Once you have completed your project you can use the Upload my file button as before, or you can simply drag and drop your file to upload it.

You can also view your previous attempts at a project from this same page by clicking the Previous Attempts button.

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