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NEW Course Manager Dashboard

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The Dashboard view in the Course Manager has been updated to give instructors more information about their students and courses at a glance. Instructors will be able to quickly determine which of their students are earning digital credentials in the Credentials Earned section and which of their students may be in danger of a poor result via the Past Due Assignments,Integrity Violations, andStudent Activitysections.
The default view for instructors is to show all assigned courses. However, instructors can select the desired course from the Classdrop-down menu.
The Past Due Assignments and Integrity Violations sections may both be tailored only to show the desired date range, showing data within a set number of days, weeks, months, or all time. Users can edit that setting by clicking the gear icon in each section. Clicking on existing Past Due Assignments or Integrity Violations notifications will show all current students who have a late assignment or have been flagged for uploading a file that did not include their unique signature in a project.
Instructor Dashboard View
The Credentials Earned section displays the number and type of credentials earned by students enrolled in the selected courses. Clicking View All brings up a list of all credentials earned by students in that course. Clicking on the legend or corresponding section in the pie chart will display a list of all students who have earned a specific credential type.
Credentials Earned View
The Student Activity section shows the number of students who have accessed SIMnet in the previous week, have been idle for more than 1 week but fewer than 2, have been idle for 2 weeks or more, or who have not logged in at all. Clicking on each text link or on the pie chart in the desired area brings up a separate view showing a list of students who fit that criteria.
The Assignment Schedule section provides a view at the last 10 Past Due assignments, the top 10 Current assignments or the next 10 Upcoming assignments, based upon the selected tab.