August 8th, 2014 – Release Notes

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New Content

A Skills Approach – Access Chapter 5 is now available, as are all the questions related to it. This means that In Practice Access will also have additional questions available for chapters 1, 2, 5, 8, and 9.

Access Projects using new Grading Technology

  • Access 2013 In Practice – Ch 1 Guided Project 1-2 (Upload .accdb)

  • Access 2013 In Practice – Ch 2 Improve It Project 2-7 (Upload .accdb)

  • Access 2013 In Practice – Ch 3 Independent Project 3-6 (Upload .accdb)

  • Access 2013 In Practice – Ch 4 Independent Project 4-4 (Upload .accdb)

  • Access 2013 Skills Approach – Ch 1 Skill Review 1.1 (Upload .accdb)

  • Access 2013 Skills Approach – Ch 2 Challenge Yourself 2.3 (Upload .accdb)

  • Access 2013 Skills Approach – Ch 3 Challenge Yourself 3.3 (Upload .accdb)

  • Access 2013 Skills Approach – Ch 4 Skill Review 4.1 (Upload .accdb)

Capstone Projects

  • Word 2013 Capstone – Level 3 Writing a Research Paper

Advanced PowerPoint Projects

  • PowerPoint 2013 In Practice – Ch 4 Guided Project 4-2

  • PowerPoint 2013 In Practice – Ch 4 Independent Project 4-5

New/Improved Project Grading Features


Our new grading software allows students to directly upload their Microsoft Access database files. The new access projects listed above will replace the previous projects with the same name. Here are some of the new features we are now able to grade:

  • Determine if table fields have the correct data types, field size, and whether the field is required.

  • Determine if relationships have been created between tables, whether the relationships are one-to-one or one-to-many, and whether enforce referential integrity, cascade on update, and cascade on delete have been checked.

  • Determine if a query contains specific fields including calculated fields.

  • Determine if a query has correct criteria including parameterized criteria.

  • Determine if a query searches for records with duplicate values in a table.

  • Check the control types on a form or report.

  • Check properties of controls on forms or reports such as format, height, width, and control source.

  • Determine if form and report headers and footers contain specific controls.

  • Check the type of form such as split form or data sheet.

  • Check if a form contains a sub form.

  • Determine if reports group records by specific fields.

  • Check report page setup properties.


Slide Master and Slide Layout Grading

  • Determine if placeholders exist, have the correct size, fill color, outline, fonts, and other properties.

  • Determine if shapes exist, have the correct shape type, size, fill color, outline, and other properties.


  • Determine if a picture background has been removed.

  • Determine if a picture has been cropped to a shape.

  • Determine if a picture has specific effects such as shadows and artistic effects such as gray scale.

  • Determine if a screen clipping has been inserted.

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