New Announcements Feature for Communications with Students

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Coming this week, SIMnet is giving you new flexibility in communicating with your students. The new Announcements feature allows you to schedule and send announcements that students will see when they login to SIMnet.

The beginning of the semester is typically full of added and dropped students. Sending a Message via email on Wednesday may miss a number of students who sign up on Thursday and Friday. As an instructor you may need to rely on sending your message out as late as possible or sending out new M**essages to an ever expanding list of students as they enter.

It should be simpler! And now it is. In addition to the current Messages options, the new Announcements feature will allow you to reach all of your students as they login and schedule announcements that are timely and relevant well in advance.

The Messages option in SIMnet has been renamed Communicate. Once you’ve clicked on that link you can choose to send the old Messages which go directly to a student’s email inbox or you can choose the new Announcement radio button.

Sending an announcement goes to the first page a student sees after logging in to SIMnet or while they are actively logged into the student portal. These announcements remain available, like a bulletin board in a classroom until a student clicks the Dismiss link.

You can also schedule your announcements in advance so that they are available when you’d like them to be, even if you’re not available to edit them! Like other assignments, these will also display in your student’s calendar.

When students click on the link in their calendar, the notification will appear with a link to the announcement in their SIMnet inbox.

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