You’re invited! SIMnet Best Practice Webinars

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Hello SIMnet Community! We hope you will join us!

McGraw-Hill Education is pleased to announce this summer’s SIMnet Best Practices Webinar Series hosted by SIMnet Digital Faculty Consultants. Our DFCs are SIMnet users that will host sessions to help strengthen your SIMnet knowledge and answer questions. To register, and learn when each webinar is being offered, please click here.

Webinar descriptions: SIMnet’s Student Learning Experience: Learn, Practice, Apply! See the SIMnet student experience. Session includes student overview of navigation, presentation of methodology and their user experience. Learning occurs as we read, practicing is simply that, practice, and apply is the demonstration of learning.

Work with SIMpaths Explanation of how SIMpaths work including creation, scheduling, and evaluation of the results.

Working with SIMnet’s Graded Projects Using SIMnet Projects including scheduling options, the student experience, and evaluating results.

Digging into the SIMnet Gradebook In this webinar we will look at how the SIMnet Gradebook can be used to analyze and troubleshoot your students’ assignment submissions. More than a mere grade reporting tool, the Gradebook includes a host of functions and features that you can use to gain understanding and to provide specific assistance to your students when they have questions or encounter challenges in their SIMnet assignments.

HELP! It’s time to build my fall classes! This webinar will focus on assisting you to prepare your classes for the fall. Maybe you just want to tweak a course, maybe design a course, or even create a course for other faculty based upon your class. During this time we will discuss easy and quick ways to get you ready for the semester. Learn some tips and tricks to make your course preparation easier.

I adopted SIMnet. Now WHAT do I do in my class?! This is the question that many faculty have after adopting digital solutions. This webinar will discuss varied techniques and strategies for implementing your application course that will help it remain vibrant and interesting to students.

Using SIMpaths Learn how to use SIMpaths! This powerful tool in SIMnet allows instructors to quickly create an assessment and a custom lesson in just one easy step. A SIMpath is an adaptive three step learning and assessment path which includes a pre-test, a lesson, and a post-test – students take a pre-test, then based on their results a custom lesson and post-test are instantly created for the user.

SIMnet Announcements Learn how to post announcements in SIMnet. Great communication is vital in education, and by using SIMnet Announcements you can create and post messages that students will see every time they log into SIMnet.

SIMbooks vs Lessons SIMbooks and Lessons are both powerful types of assignments in SIMnet. Understanding how each one works will help you decide which one is right for you. This workshop will show you the differences and similarities between these two dynamic learning tools in SIMnet.

SIMnet Projects A-Z: Evertyhing you need from Attempts and Custom Rubrics to Zen Best Practices Take a look at choosing and assigning Grader Projects, setting up a rubric to match your syllabus grading scheme, and employing instructor and student best practices.

Plan Ahead to Stay Ahead! SIMnet Administrator Best Practices Being the administrator of your school’s Simnet can be time consuming. Making sure all faculty and adjuncts have what they need can be a daunting task at times. Join us for this webinar to go over proven tips/tricks to save time each semester to help faculty be prepared for the coming semester and assure consistency across the board for your course.

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