Updated Project Results View

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What’s New to SIMnet?

The Project Results page now includes an image of the correct complete project along with indicators to show where each step is visible in the file. This view is the same as the view that students have after they submit their project for grading. Note that the image file on the right is an image of the correct solution file and not the student’s file.

In addition to providing only scored steps, instructors can use the View Options button on the right to refine your search further. You can select Expand All which shows all scored steps within an instruction; Collapse All which hides all steps within an instruction; and Toggle Map which hides the image on the right.

Once you have refined the view as you like, you can refine it even further, showing only Correct, Incorrect or Partial steps. Partial steps are those in which the student has gotten some parts of the step correct and other parts of the step incorrect.

As in the past, you can use this screen to edit student grades by editing the number of points that a student receives for a scored step. Simply click on the pencil icon under the score for a single step.

The number in front of the score will change to an editable field where you can enter the new grade. You can only change a grade by half points up to the max value for a grade. For the step below you can edit the grade to be a half point or a full point, for example. Click the green check to accept the change or the red X to reject it.

After editing a student’s score, an additional icon of a person holding a pencil appears to indicate the grade change.

How do I use this feature?

There are a number of different ways to use the Project Results page. This feature is available through the Reports section under Results in the Course Manager. Select the course you would like to see and select View from the drop down menu. Select the Projects tab and search by student or project title and click on the link in the Title column.

You can also navigate to the Project Results page through the Projects section under Content or the Students section under Users.

Once you’ve opened the Project Results page, change the view as you see fit and then view any individual steps either by finding the bubble on the image or finding the step on the left. You can download the student’s submitted file by using the View Submission link at the top left of the page to compare the student file to the results page. Click on the pencil icon to make any changes to the student grade as you see fit.

Why was this change made?

This change allows instructors to see the same thing that their students see, facilitating instruction and remediation. In addition, this change optimizes the grade editing process for the instructor. Navigating through the project instructions and making edits will happen more fluidly.

When will this feature be available?

This update to the Project Results page will be available Monday, May 16th 2016.

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