NEW Student Learning Objective Report

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Instructors can now review exams to determine how well students did on each question in two new report types.

The SLO Report by Objective report shows each Student Learning Objective (SLO) in an exam and calculates the Number Correct, Total Attempts and Percent Correct for each question. The SLO Report by Objective displays information about how well students have learned each learning objective.

The SLO Report by Question report breaks out each student learning objective into its individual questions. This provides more granular detail about how well students are answering each question in an exam. While some SLO may have only a single associated question, others have many. This view provides detail about where within an SLO students are being confused.

When setting up the SLO Report, instructors determine the desired campus and classes that should appear in the report. In the example below, the user wanted information about the 2016 Access 1 Exam for all classes at all campuses. Instructors can select the SLO Type to show: 2016 or 2019 Skills Approach, In Practice or Microsoft Office Specialist. Exam Status options allow results to show for Completed Exams, Saved Exams, In Progress Exams, or All. Selecting the Enable Date Range allows instructors to narrow the time frame for results.

Each of these options can be changed after running the report by clicking the Edit button in the upper right corner of the Report.

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