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NEW: Custom Branding Homepage and Credentials; Gradebook Sync Update

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NEW: Custom Branding Homepage and Credentials; Gradebook Sync Update

NEW: Custom Branding

Administrators will see a new option in the Administration section of the left menu in the Course Manager. The new section is called Branding.
Branding Heading
This section allows for two new custom branding options for your school to add its logo to the SIMnet login page and to all Digital Credentials earned by your students in SIMnet.
By editing the Custom Homepage Logo, your school’s logo can appear in the upper right corner of the SIMnet login page. Here, the Custom Logo is displayed next to the school name, “University of Triad.” (Note: to edit your school’s name, please contact your McGraw-Hill representative with the specifics of your desired edits)
SIMnet homepage with custom logo
To add your Custom Homepage Logo to SIMnet, navigate to the Branding section of the Administration Settings section of the Course Manager. Select the Yesradio option for Include Custom Logo. Once the option has been selected, the Upload Custom Logo (.jpeg or .png) button will become available. Click the button to upload your image to the image window.
Custom Homepage Logo options
Your custom logo must be able to fit within one of the pre-defined aspect ratios provided in the Crop Image window. You may crop your image by dragging within the image window or by entering precise height or width values within the Crop Image window. The aspect ratio will automatically keep your height and width pixels the right size to meet your selected aspect ratio. You may click the Link button, next to the Height and Width text boxes to break the locked aspect ratio for your height and width. Doing this will cause the final logo to stretch to meet the requirements of the homepage logo.
Crop Image window
Your custom logo will be resized during saving to the required dimensions to display on the SIMnet Homepage.

Digital Credential Branding

The Digital Credentials earned by your students can now display your school logo, your school name, and the name of the course in which the student earned the credential. To enable custom branding, click the Enable Custom Branding Yes radio button. Clicking the radio button will enable the Include Custom Logo and Include School Name radio buttons. If you elect to include the school name, the Enable Course Name radio button appears.
Digital Credential Branding options
You will need to set up a separate Custom Logo for the digital credential regardless of whether or not you have set up a custom homepage logo.
Below is an example of a Digital Credential Branding for Triad University. The logo is in the lower left corner, accompanied by the School Name, “University of Triad,” and the Course Name, “CIS102 – Introduction to Computer Information Systems.”
Digital Credential Sample with branding

Gradebook Sync Update

For MH Campus Classic integration users (not Deep Integrations) there is a new LMS Sync option in the SIMnet Gradebook. This option allows the instructor to control which category SIMnet sends to the LMS upon assignment sync.
By default SIMnet will use the Group Title the assignment belongs to. The new option, Default Title, will allow instructors to send SIMnet as the category for all assignments, regardless of organizer groups.
Gradebook Sync Options