Release Notes for August 8, 2012

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In preparation for the upcoming Fall term, we released a series of enhancements and fixes toSimNetearlier this week.

We reworked the end-of-exam question remediation significantly. Now, when remediation is enabled for an exam, it is even easier to know what actions the student performed to answer the question (including right-mouse clicks, keyboard shortcuts, and Ribbon and menu selections).

New multiple choice/true-false/fill-in test banks added for the Computing Now book

Assignment Due Date field is no longer pre-populated with a default date one year from the Start Date. Now the Due Date field is empty (but it is still required – so you will need to enter a Due Date for every assignment).

We made improvements to the following SimGrader projects:

  • Fixed a grading problem with O’Leary Access 2010 Lab 3-1 project

  • Modified instructions for ALA Access 4-26, Step 3 to correct typo

  • Modified instructions for ALA Word 2010 12-13, Step 7 for clarification

  • Updated feedback for ALA Word 2010 11-20, Step 7 for clarification

  • Fixed a bug with PowerPoint projects that were returning a grade of over 100%. All student grades affected by this bug have been corrected and display correctly now.

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